Save Document command in File menu and Copy Document command in Edit menu shows this dialog.

Export Dialog


Choose items to save or copy.


Select a file format you want to save in.

Text-only (Plain Text) Saves in a plain text file. Screen shots are not saved.

Click Details for text options.

Images-only Saves screen shots only. Text are not saved.
You can specify file name when you save current selection. In other cases, folder selection dialog appears and file name is automatically generated.
Word Document Save in Microsoft Word document format.

Click Details for Word options.

Word 2003 or later is required for this format. Please refer to Notes for Word for the differences between Insert and Link images.
If you have Word 2007 installed on your computer, you can choose Word 97-2003 format or Word 2007 format after you click Save button.
HTML (Web Page) Save in HTML format to view in Web browser.

Click Details for HTML options.

Most recent word processors can open and edit HTML documents. Refer help of your word processor for more details.
When you saved in HTML and opened it in Microsoft Word, screen shots are linked.

Image format

Choose image format when you are saving only images or saving as HTML.

Image Options

Open after saving

When selected, the saved file will be opened by the default editor for the file format you saved in.