To display the following dialog below, do one of the following:

This dialog allows you to define how to name the image files when Click! Recorder saves multiple images.

  • File name will be "Name Prefix + Number".
  • Name prefix - specify name prefix.
  • Digits - set digit number.

You can use these options only when you export images-only, HTML or Word (Link).

Image File Options

  • Numbering of image files - you can change the way Click! Recorder numbers the image files. 
    • Reset to 1 on each export - every time you export, number starts from 1. 
    • Increment from - number starts from the number you specify here.  Incremented number will continue to be used during future use of Click! Recorder unless you make changes.
  • Use lower-case for file extension - when checked, lower-case will be used for file extension