Timing on Recording

Click! Recorder captures screen shots automatically at the following moments.

  • When you press or release mouse button.
  • When you press and release TAB, ENTER or ESC key.
  • When check box or text box is changed.

For other cases, press PrtScrn key to explicitly capture screen, or Alt + PrtScrn key to capture active window.

Tips on Recording

  1. Proceed the step one by one and check the captured sound. 
    Too fast operations may result loss of text or screen shots. 
  2. Use mouse for operations you can do either by mouse or keyboard.
  3. Use clicks for operations you can do either by two clicks or drags.
    Like when you choose a menu command or an item in dropdown menu. Click on a menu, point to a menu item and then click again.
  4. If Click! Recorder fails to record names of menus or buttons, listen to capture sound to finish before releasing mouse buttons.
    This may happen when the action will disappear the operating targets, like [OK] buttons in dialogs.