WMV Cut & Split is the tool for you to cut & split WMV Windows Media video files in the shortest time and with the best quality.

WMV Cut & Split

The Fastest to Cut & Split WMV

WMV Cut & Split does not reencode WMV video files. It gives you the best performance to split WMV video files, or cut unnecessary portion of WMV video files.

The Best Quality without Reencoding

No reencode is not only for the performance, but also for the quality. WMV Cut & Split does not reencode the video file because the process to decompress and recompress is slow and may result in the quality loss.

When you want to cut at non-key frames, the quality loss is unavoidable. In that case, WMV Cut & Split uses our smart rendering technology to minimize the quality loss.

Easy to Use, Step by Frames

WMV Cut & Split is focused to cut & split a large WMV video file into smaller clips. It gives you all the necessary features without bothering UI.

You can fast-forward, rewind, and even step single frame in the WMV video file to decide exactly in which frame to cut or to split.

Free Trial Download Available

Download free trial. You can use it for 7 days before the purcahse.