Click! Recorder comes with a Word Add-In function for use with Word 2000/XP or later.

Setup and Remove

You can setup the Click! Recorder Word Add-In function from the File menu, Word Add-In command.

Click OK when asked "Do you want to setup Word Add-In?".

If you have the Click! Recorder Word Add-In already setup on your PC, clicking the Word Add-In command will prompt you to remove the add-in. Click OK to remove.

When you setup or remove the Add-In, exit Word beforehand.

Batch Scale Pictures

If you have the Click! Recorder Word Add-In setup on your PC, Batch Scale Pictures command appears in the Format menu.

Select pictures you want to scale and click this command to show the dialog below.

  • Enter the percent to the original size and click OK to set the same percentage scale to all the selected pictures.
  • Enter "*" and click OK to scale all the selected pictures to the width of the pages.