Editing Images

Captured image which selected in the left pane is shown in the right pane. You can do following in the right pane.

Setting Trimming Area

Only trimming area will be saved or copied to clipboard when you set the trimming area to a screen shot.

Outside of trimming area will be displayed in the background color.

You can do one of the following to set the trimming area:

  • Toolbar buttons to extend or shrink images.
  • Click a control to set trimming by the control.
    Show Controls with Blue Border command in View menu allows you to see control borders.
  • Drag a region to set trimming to any region you specified.
    When mouse is around control borders, mouse position is automatically snapped to them. Press Ctrl key to disable automatic snap.

Changing Trimming Area

You can do one of the following to change the trimming area:

  • You can use extend or shrink image buttons on the toolbar.
  • You can drag each edge or corner of trimming area.
  • When pointer is a cross pointer, you can set new trimming area as above.
  • Clear Trimming Area command in Edit menu clears existing trimming area.
  • Refer to keyboard operations below.

Trimming and Translucency

When the screen shot contains translucency or non-rectangular windows, you can choose whether to output the translucency as is, or compose with the background.

  • To output with translucency, use Extend or Shrink Image buttons in the toolbar, or click a control.
  • To composite with the background, use other methods mentioned above to set the trimming area.
The differences appears only when the screen shot is not rectangular, or the screen shot contains translucency.
If you are using version 2.0.3 or before, clicking a control will be composited with the background.

Editing by keyboard

To Edit images by keyboard, image pane must have focus. You can check where focus is on the left item list.

List has focus. 
Image has focus. 

When list has focus, you can move focus by clicking the image pane once, or press TAB key.

When image has focus, you can do following by keyboard.

Press this To do this
SPACE Scroll image by dragging while pressing space key.
ARROW Move trimming area by 1 pixel.
Shift + ARROW Resize trimming area by 1 pixel.
- (Minus) Shrink the image.
+ (Plus) Magnify the image.

Moving Mouse Cursor

You can move the captured mouse cursor position.

When you point the captured mouse cursors, pointer becomes move. Drag mouse to move the captured mouse cursors.