To display the following dialog below, do one of the following:

Word Options

Creating Custom Templates

You can create your own Word template files.

  1. Create a new document with MS Word.
  2. The first paragraph (or the first row if the document starts with a table) is an item template for items with screen captures.
    • Type "Text" to where you want Click! Recorder's text to appear.
    • In the Insert menu, point to Picture, and click From File command to insert an image file. Click! Recorder will replace any images in the item template.
    • The text and the image must be in the same paragraph (or in the same row if it is in a table). Type Shift + Enter to break lines within the item template, or use tables.
  3. Set whatever formatting you would like to the paragraph or to the table row.
  4. Save the document and use it as the template in this dialog.

You can create separate item template for items without screen captures. To create it, add the second paragraph (or the second row if the document starts with a table). When there are two item templates in a single template file, Click! Recorder uses the first item template for items with screen captures, and the second for items without.
Type "1" and Click! Recorder will replace it with the item number. You can use this feature to disable MS Word's automatic numbering feature.
All built-in templates have Keep lines together option selected in Format menu, Paragraph command, Line and Page Breaks tab, so that text and images fit into the same page.