New Features of Click! Recorder 2

Save and Open in Click! Recorder 2

Click! Recorder 1 allowed you to save in Word or HTML, but you could not open those files in Click! Recorder. Click! Recorder 2 has its own native file format.

You can now save in the Click! Recorder native format, so that you can open and edit later.

Capture Vista Aero Transparent or Non-Rectangular Windows

The completely new screen capture engine in Click! Recorder 2 can capture translucency of Windows Vista Aero, or rounded corners of Windows XP correctly.

Please refer Screen capture with translucency and transparency for more information.

No More Out of Memory Errors

Click! Recorder 2 uses your hard drives as it captures. You no longer have to worry about "out of memory" errors when recording a long procedure.

New Capture Engine

The new capture engine in Click! Recorder 2 improves its responsiveness even for applications that updates very often.

Automatically Generated Text Is Even Better

There are several improvements to the text generator engine including bold support for HTML, remove unnecessary spaces, closer to Microsoft style guide, and more.

Screen Composition Is Also Improved

Composite dialog is improved so that you can draw multiple red frames to highlight multiple steps in a screen shot.

And More!

There are more improvements, including support for 64 bit Windows (x64).

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