Create step-by-step instruction manuals and software educational materials with screen captures in the easiest and the fastest way with Click! Recorder 2. It's fully automatic!

Screen shot of Click! Recorder 2

Record Screen Capture ButtonWhat you have to do is just click Record button of the Click! Recorder, and run your program. Click! Recorder's automatic manual authoring feature takes care of the rests for you.

Click! Recorder's new screen capture engine supports Vista Aero translucency. Don't worry about the desktop pictures or windows behind the window you want to capture. Click! Recorder takes care of them.

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Cutting, splitting, and splicing WMV video files is now easier than ever, and faster than ever with WMV Cut & Split.

WMV Cut & Split

Our smart rendering technology which minimizes reencoding, dramatically reduces the time to cut & split WMV files, and also maximizes the quality of the output WMV video file.

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