Update History

2009/9/10 [2.1]

  1. You can now move captured items by dragging with the mouse.
  2. Added Remove All Unused Items command to the Edit menu.
  3. Non-rectangular or translucent window clipping is now easier in the Editing Images.
  4. You can choose between Word 97-2003 format or 2007 format if you have Word 2007 installed.
  5. Editing Images is now easier to use by several usability improvements.
  6. A few overall usability improvements like showing file name on the window title bar, better error message, etc.
  7. An issue where trimming image is ignored on output was fixed.
  8. An issue where images are not displayed properly if you output to Word Document (Link Images) and have Word 2007 installed was fixed.
  9. An issue where you get "Method Not Found" error when saving to HTML files was fixed.
  10. Supports Windows 7.

2009/7/4 [2.0.3]

  1. First version 2.0 release. Please refer to new features of Click! Recorder 2 for changes since version 1.x.