Update History

2009/9/30 []

  1. Added "skip" marker type to exclude portion of the video file.
  2. You can now select multiple markers and set to "skip" in one action.
  3. Overall progress bar shows in time, not by the number of files.
  4. Fixed an issue where some frames had incorrect time stamps on Smart Rendering.
  5. Fixed an error when there are no key frames after a split marker.
  6. Supports Windows 7 officially.

2009/5/23 []

  1. There are some video files where splitting by Smart Rendering does not work, mainly due to old or incompatible encoders. WMV Cut & Split now detects this and switch to full reencoding mode given your permission.
  2. Fixed an issue of ArgumentException error occurs when there are not key frames after the last split marker.
  3. Fixed an issue where WMV Cut & Split displays incorrect error messages on split failures.

2009/5/7 []

  1. Fixes an error on startup if installed by double clicking "WMV Cut & Split.msi", not "setup.exe".

2009/4/17 []

  1. First release.